Connect with your fans — meaningfully, and for money. Here’s how it’s done.

Musicians, writers, artists, dancers, filmmakers: you’ve found a better way to distribute your content. We schedule streams of live and archival footage — the beautiful things you’ve made — on our platform. We provide everything your fans need to support you with their engagement and their dollars, including immersive social features like in-stream chat and live Q&A. We are the tool that creators need to live online, to reach their fans and thrive off their creations.

The 2ndLine platform is an elegant, easy-to-use streaming platform custom-built for real time engagement. We package your videos — readings, performances, screenings — into unforgettable online events for which fans pay a fixed fee or what they will. (You can also choose to charge nothing.) We deliver longer views and exponentially higher earnings per view. And it’s all part of our effort to build a meaningful online community for artists and fans without relying on viral content or advertising. Learn more below.

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How Much Will I Make?

Creators can choose between fixing a price for their events and a pay-what-you-will model. We leave it to artists to choose how to value their work. We live off the principle that the best experiences of the best art will attract monetary support. And so far, we haven’t been wrong: our revenue per view is exponentially higher than other streaming video platforms.

How Do I Engage My Fans?

Our state-of-the-art platform is beautiful and immersive. Viewers can take and share pictures of themselves, ask questions of creators, and tweet from the platform during a streaming event. Performances become fluid conversations, layering content with information and emotion and increasing viewer engagement a thousand fold.

What Can I Use It For?

Increase the number of performances and events you can put on, with lower overhead. Schedule streams — readings, screenings, interviews — in conjunction with publicity campaigns. Tour without traveling anywhere. Or rather, travel everywhere — go wherever your fans might be.