This article will talk about the best appliance repair company in Richmond Hill, ON

The Exclusive Service is Technical. Help Center selected by the Manufacturers for the Richmond hill appliance repair. Continuous training, many years of experience on the products. Constant contact with the manufacturers guarantee a high degree of specialization. That allows those who have purchased a Richmond hill appliance. To be sure that the quality of their product guaranteed for a lifetime appliance.
Exclusive Service does not mean only repair of household appliances. It is also an official shop for the sale of original accessories and spare parts. Supply by the manufacturers and of specific detergents of the Cleaning and Care line. Tested and recommended for the care and maintenance of household appliances.

The availability of a laboratory equipped. Allows you to complete complex repairs of large household appliances. Also, to verify and repair all major appliances. Complete the organization a service to welcome customers. And receive calls to answer your questions. plan the interventions as soon as possible.


Professional and personal advice

Sale and repair of small and large appliances of all popular brands
Continuous subject-specific training, through training of the individual manufacturers. The household appliance sector. Allow us the professional and fast repair of your home appliances.
For price-conscious customers, we offer the price check for home appliances…… We are happy to take your “bargain” offer again critically under the microscope because even we as a mid-sized company good prices!!!! – Try it out!
Customers have a home advantage with us. Because we take over the delivery of your new device (stand unit) Incl. Ready for connection and functional test. For built – in appliances, they receive installation service free of charge.
We plan and organize the delivery and installation. For your home appliances according to your desired dates.
If an unrepeatable error found during the inspection. Or repair of your device and you decide to buy a device of your choice from our company. You will not get charged any inspection fees / travel costs.



A study by the Ministry of the Environment proves that. Repair often brings ecological, economic and social benefits. At the same time, it benefits at all levels of sustainability. The example of a broken washing machine can prove that the service life can be double. From 8 to 16 years and the repair costs are cheaper than a new buy. Also, the environmental effects of the repair. Which come from the production of spare parts and transport processes. Are much lower than resource consumption and energy requirements. Production and disposal of a new complete device. Appliance repair Richmond Hill creates or maintains jobs in Canada. partly because repairs are almost always carried out in Canada. while most new washing machines produced abroad.
For very old appliances with high water and electricity consumption. Yet, it may be that the increased energy demand exceeds the economic benefit of a repair. These devices supplied for recycling of the individual components or raw materials. The decision on whether it’s suitable for re use is often made at the municipal collection points. Electronic devices supplied by the consumers, checked by the collection center’s experts. After which it will be determent whether a repair is sensible or the device put to recycling.



Whether the time is right to finally to separate from his old espresso machine or the tumble dryer. Or whether a few years together are possible. You will also learn in the environmental consulting and repair networks .


In many cities, there are now so-called Re Use shops. So shops that offer a lot of very cheap from the used washing machine to the almost new Smartphone. A visit can be quite worthwhile. Buying a used device not only protects your own wallet but also the environment.